EARJ Innovation Survey - 2016
This is a short questionnaire on your personal and professional use of technology.
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If you bought a sports car or convertible, what COLOR would you like it to be? *
Just go along with this assuming that you would accept the car and tell us what color you would choose...
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What is the best description of what you do for your school district? *
If you are a teacher, what is your subject and grade level?
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Do you own a smartphone (HTC, iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, etc...) *
A smartphone allows you to surf the web.
Have you used GoogleDocs? *
Which of the following have you used? *
Check any 'app' device below that you have used.
If you have used an iPad (or other tablet), list your three favorite apps of all time.
Let us know your favourite NON-EDUCATION apps.
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If you use an iPad (or other tablet) in the classroom, list your three favorite education apps.
List for favourite EDUCATION-BASED apps.
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If you are, or were, a classroom-based teacher, have you used digital photography or video in your classroom? *
Which statement best applies to you regarding Coach's Eye?
Do you have a Twitter account? *
If you do use Twitter, choose the term that best represents your experience.
Which term(s) regarding QR codes best describe you. *
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