2017-2018 JBL Sports Photo Policy
Please read the following photo policy and complete the form. A parent or legal guardian will be needed to complete this form if the buddy is under 18 years old.
JBL Adaptive Sports Program Photo Policy
Photo Policy:
On occasion, representatives from media or Jacob’s Buddies League Adaptive Sports Program will take photographs or audio/video for the purpose of promoting Jacob's Buddies League Adaptive Sports Program.

Should a buddy (or the parents or guardians of such who are under the age 18) NOT want to be photographed or recorded, or have their name or biographical information used in connection with any such recording, they must submit at Photo Opt-Out form (see below) to the Buddy Experience Director.

Individuals who submit a completed Photo Opt-Out Form are also responsible for removing themselves from areas in which photography and/or recording is taking place, or notifying the camera operator of their opt-out status. Failure to do so may result in that individual's inclusion in a photograph or recording and will be treated as consent for the program to utilize that photograph or recording accordingly.

The Photo Opt-Out Form can be accessed by clicking on the following link:


or by visiting the Family Corner page at www.JacobsBuddiesSports.org.

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