Ask an Artist About Their Process
Submit questions to be answered by Baltimore Craft Week artists during their In My Studio videos.

Curious about where and how artists make their incredible work? We are asking seven Baltimore Craft Week marketplace artists to offer a visual and narrative tour of their studios. Each tour will feature an “Ask Me Anything” component and will be released between April 12–18, 2021, on Craft Week's site.

Submit your questions through this form and the corresponding artist will do their best to answer them in their studio tour video. Participating artists include:

1. Amara Hark-Weber of Hark Weber Handmade Shoes, shoes
2. Robert and Tor Erickson of Erickson Woodworking, furniture
3. Kristina McConnico of Lacson Ravello, clothing
4. Carly Owens, embroidered jewelry
5. Hilary Pfeifer, mixed media
6. Gillian Preston of Broken Plates, glass jewelry
7. Rob Spiece and Larrisa Huff of Lohr Woodworking Studio, furniture
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