[Dinners with Anteaters 2/23/19] Student Registration Form
The Student Alumni Association (SAA) invites you to the winter quarter Dinners with Anteaters (DWA) on Saturday, February 23, 2019.

DWA is a great opportunity to network and get advice from alumni, faculty, staff, and other students over a free meal. During the event, there will be various dinners taking place throughout Orange County on February 23. Students will get pre-assigned to a specific dinner*, typically based on their major(s), career path, and/or other interests. Rides/carpools will be organized for all student participants. We thank you for your interest in Dinners With Anteaters. We will reach out to you if you get assigned to a dinner.*

Registration Deadline: Sunday, February 17, 2019

*NOTE: Submitting this registration from does not automatically guarantee dinner placement. Placement is subject to availability of dinners and time of registration.

1. Full Name *
(Example: Peter Anteater)
2. E-mail Address *
(Example: panteater@uci.edu)
3. Phone Number *
(Example: 999-999-9999)
4. Are you able to transport others? *
(Drivers will be compensated for driving other students.)
5. Major(s) *
(Example: BioSci, Psych)
6. Minor(s)
(Example: Econ, Math)
7. Interest(s)
(Example: Law, IT, Medicine, Accounting, Finance, Higher Education, etc)
8. Are you a graduate student or an undergraduate student? *
9. Year *
10. Have you attended the event before? *
11. Would you be interested in attending a dinner outside your major? *
12. Would you be open to attending a dinner outside of Orange County? *
13. Dietary Needs *
14. Please list any allergies
(Example: Nuts, shellfish, pets, etc)
What's Next after Registering?
- Save the date! By submitting this registration form, you will be expected to keep this date (Feb 23) held on your calendar
- Once we receive your registration, we will try to assign you to an available dinner based on your major, career path, and/or interests (although not guaranteed)
- If you have been assigned to a dinner, we will contact you directly 1-2 weeks prior to event date. Please respond within 48 hours to confirm your spot.
- For any questions or concerns, please email us at dinnerswithanteaters.uci@gmail.com
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