This is a unique network of CSOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.
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as a signatory of SMART Pact, I/we knowingly and responsibly access Smart Start network membership at national and regional level and I/we agree to represent all the interests and values that this network produces in accordance with the democratic principles and needs of the members.
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In keeping with Membership, I/we support the views of the Smart Start network, which is an informal initiative of civil society organizations and individuals with a view to contributing to civil society development, focusing on issues of social entrepreneurship, economic activities and sustainability of civil society organizations.
Respecting the values of the network's postulate, I/we commit to respond timely to all situations and to propose joint sessions to improve the position of CSOs and their social enterprises/economic activities on national and regional level when possible.
Also, I/we agree to be a role-representative of the network by communicating through communication channels and public appearence promote network as well as its activities aimed at improving the performance of all members of the network and the entire society.
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