BeeFae Nail Polish Tester Application
So you want to help test Bramblefae Cosmetics? Awesome, I would love to have a pool of folks to help me test all my formulas so that I can make sure only the best nail polishes become part of my line. Please answer these questions so I can have a clear idea of who to call on for each batch of polish! Thank you so much!

(This is only open to folks who live in the US, sadly, as I can't ship polish outside the country. If that changes, I'll be sure and update this!)

How old are you? *
Name/Alias (basically, I just need to keep track of who has tested what.) *
How often do you wear nail polish? *
How often do you buy nail polish? *
What sort of nails do you normally wear? *
Do you blog or podcast or youtube about nail polish? (This won't affect your eligibility, I'm just nosy. :D)
What's your favorite type of nail polish? (Pick 3) *
What's your favorite color of nail polish? (Pick 3) *
How do you feel about glitter polishes? *
Why do you want to test BeeFae nail polishes? *
How can I best get hold of you? (email, please.:) ) *
How can I get the test samples to you? (Mailing address please. :) ) *
Are you willing to pay shipping, if needed? *
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