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The goal of the SPICE program is to: 1) Increase the knowledge and appreciation of the SP residents for other cultures. Once this goal is met, more tolerance and openness towards other cultures will follow. 2) To create and promote strong cross-cultural bonds among the residents.

We aim to have groups of 10-12 people in each SPICE group. Everyone who wants to be involved is welcome---we will have as many groups as we can fill! Each group meets separately every other week for a dinner during which members of the groups discuss the topic of the night. Each person talks about their own experience, history, and point of view on the topic. Sometimes, a dinner may be replaced by an outing. The outing will have a cultural theme to it such as visiting a museum, eating at an ethnic restaurant, or visiting a temple depending on the group's interest.

More information can be found here: http://s-p.mit.edu/about_sp/spice.php. Please email sp-spice-chair@mit.edu if you have any questions :).

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