BLABY SUMMER FUN DAY Oakfield Park 29th June 2019
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How did you find out about Blaby Summer Fun Day at Oakfield Park
Please tell us your age and the age of anyone who came with you
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Under 5s
5- 12 years old
12-17 years old
18-24 years old
25-34 years old
35-44 years old
45-54 years old
55-64 years old
65-74 years old
75 years or older
Is Oakfield Park a good Location for Blaby Summer Fun Day
Did you find the programme useful? (image below)
Did you find all the information you needed on the day
Do you think that all age ranges were catered for
Do you have any suggestions about the layout?
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If you answered no please tell us what age range was not catered
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