Preston Raspberry Jam - Lightning Talks
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This form is to help us collect some information from people who would like to present a lightning talk at the next Preston Raspberry Jam event. It will help speed things up if you can answer the questions below, *particularly* if you share your slides online beforehand.
You can view previous responses submitted here: If you need to change any of these, just send an email to Alan
Please note - you will need to register for tickets for our jam or you will not receive information to join our jam.
Your name *
This is the name we will use to call you up when it's your turn to present.
Your twitter handle (where applicable)
If you provide a twitter handle, it means we can mention you in their tweets and others may choose to follow you.
Topic or theme of your lightning talk *
We would like you to propose a 5 minute talk or presentation for our next jam. The talk can be on anything you think the audience will find interesting, informative, educational related to computers, Raspberry Pi, hardware, software - but DOES NOT have to be your own work, it could be something you have heard about, seen, read, a project, a review, an experience, a tutorial, an article in MagPi or micro:mag etc.
Which of our next jams do you want to present at? *
Evening Jams 7-8.30pm - 5 minute talks. Afternoon Jams 3-4.30pm - 30 minute workshops
How do you think you will present *
Options 1 and 2 are preferred as these are the easiest to setup. You are advised to take some photos beforehand and have them available in a publicly shared folder or presentation eg. Google Slides or Google Photos.
Link to your slides or online resources
If possible please provide a link to your slides online, eg. Google Slides, Prezi, OneDrive, Dropbox etc. Note that you may need to change the access to 'view all' so that others can view your slides without needing your permission or for you to log in. If you've never done this before, it's worth trying it and testing it out as it'll save you time and stress at the jam. If you can, put everyting on one slide and export as a .PDF
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