Children's Book Form for Illustrators
Welcome to Book Cover Form! If you have any questions, let us know.

Please be reminded of the following:

- Contact us after filling up the form and for prices.

- For picture books, we offer two different payment options:
Option A
10% advanced payment
25% after the storyboard is approved
25% after all sketches are approved
25% after half of the colored versions are approved
15% before we deliver the final files
Option B
6-month installment

- If we exceed the limited amount of changes in the package, you will be automatically upgraded to the next advanced package.

- Please be reminded that some illustrators may be too busy, so please pick at least two of them. Thanks!

- For Interior Formatting, we charge an additional $30 for ebook (epub). Nook Fixed Layout files are not included.
Which illustrator would you like to work with? *
Each illustrator can be found here: - Please select your top two or three so we can get you different quotes.
If you have your own illustrator and only need the text added on, please fill out this form instead:
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Detailed packages are here under How it Works:
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Check out more details about our add-on's here:
Do you need interior formatting for your picture book? *
Do you need interior formatting for your novel? (ex. Early Reader, MG, YA) *
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Are you looking to have a lot of detail into each illustration? Or will the character with a simple plain colorful background will do? *
(The more complex the artwork the more expensive it can get.)
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How would you like the picture to be in terms of color? *
Any examples of the art? *
The style you're looking for. You can find examples on, Goodreads, and Pinterest.
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