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The Field Study team will work closely with consultants from PwC’s People & Organization practice, a sub-group within the management consulting division. People & Organization delivers a robust variety of human-capital-focused services: organization design (e.g. how to structure a company), talent optimization (e.g. how to position employees to execute on strategy), HR consulting (how to optimize an HR department) and strategic change management (e.g. business transformation).Briefly describe why one or more of the above types of consulting may be of interest to you.
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Why do you want to participate in the Fall 2017 Field Study?
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Question 3 - Below is a hypothetical scenario. In one sentence, summarize what you believe to be the key problem contained within the scenario. *
The operations department of the multinational online retailer Package Corp is planning to implement a new order management system to improve delivery lead times and reduce the number of inaccurate orders. This is expected because the new system will help Package Corp employees more quickly and accurately research order details when a customer calls with an inquiry. Package Corp employees are concerned about not knowing how to use the new system once it is implemented, and there are also rumors that it will automate certain job functions and lead to headcount reduction. At the same time, Package Corp management believes that the new order management system is intuitive and easy to use, so it will likely not require training. They also point out that in most companies, moving to a new order management system is not a significant change for employees. Some members of Package Corp management are encouraged by this news and suggest that the implementation team forgo training to generate additional cost savings. Other members of the management team are less convinced, and they point out that a successful transition to the new system is critical for maintaining customer satisfaction.
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Participation in the Field Study is a 10 - 12 week commitment that includes workshops and weekly in-person team meetings. Please describe any planned or potential activities that could impact your involvement in the project (e.g. internships, travel abroad, heavy course load, etc.).
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Please describe any experience you have with data analysis (e.g. Excel, SPSS, Tableau) and/or survey creation. If this experience was gained through course(s), please list the course(s). Note: prior experience is not needed for successful project participation; it is simply a factor to consider as we evaluate the skillsets on a potential team.
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Are you able to attend the Kick-off Workshop on Saturday, 9/16 from 1PM - 5PM ET? *
Are you able to attend the weekly on-campus meeting with PwC every Friday from 8AM - 9AM ET?
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