PaperCrush: Beyond Paper
Dear Reader!
As you must have discovered by now, NMC’s literary online franchise PaperCrush has been leading from the very front in bringing for its own readers the stories that truly matter! We are therefore jovial to announce our next exciting chapter “PaperCrush : Beyond Paper Series” and we are looking towards you for your help!

With Beyond Paper Series, we will be collecting and publishing real life stories, biographies, interviews or memoirs of inspiring people from our own community at NUST who do indeed deserve the spotlight to be heard! Hence, we have made this Survey Form so that if you personally know any such person, be it a student, faculty member, blue collar worker or from any other background, you could help us get in touch with them by submitting information regarding them in this form! We’d particularly benefit if you are able to provide their names, department/ position in NUST and any contact details that you think can be shared without violating the given person’s comfort.

We invite you to join our initiative in helping other people get inspired by those who are worthy of receiving our respect!

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