Sirens via In-App Purchase?
Our popular app "OuttaMyWay! - Personal Lights & Siren" comes with more than a dozen high-quality and realistic siren tones built in. We often receive requests to add more, which is great because we're always on the lookout for new sirens to add. Finding and producing high quality audio samples, however, is a time consuming prospect. We're trying to discern if both you and we can derive some added value from the effort and your honest answers to the following questions will help us decide how to proceed. Thanks!
I would be willing to pay a modest fee for more sirens. *
Not at all interested in paying for more sirens.
Yes! I would totally be willing to pay for more sirens!
What do you think a "modest fee" is for say, a pack of 5 additional sirens? *
How about for a pack of 10 additional sirens? *
What is your interest level in recording your own siren tones for use in the app? *
Not interested in recording my own siren tones.
I am very interested in recording my own siren tones!
What is your interest level in engaging directly with other OuttaMyWay users? *
Not interested
Very interested
How long have you been using OuttaMyWay ? *
How frequently do you use OuttaMyWay ? *
Why do you use OuttaMyWay ? *
What feedback or suggestions do you have about OuttaMyWay? Feature requests? Please tell us what you really want more (or less) of in future updates.
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