Illinois Harvest of the Month Registration: Partners
Illinois Harvest of the Month is a program for Illinois school districts, but we all know that it takes an engaged community to really create positive change for wellness. The Illinois Farm to School Network encourages community partners (including parents, community program coordinators, health sector workers, and anyone else who works with schools) to get involved. A printed program handbook and large poster will be provided for each participating community partner. Materials will be mailed starting in June 2017 through the start of August.

Prior to registering, please review the Illinois Harvest of the Month website ( and contact the Illinois Farm to School team by emailing to set up a meeting to go over any questions. Reach out to your affiliated school districts to confirm that they have registered for the program. Only registered school districts will be able to participate.

After you have completed registration, you will be sent login information to see the Registered Schools Only sections of the website - with all the information you need!

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