Grade 8 Vocational/Educational Survey
You are asked to take this survey to indicate whether you are planning on going to your hometown/city high school or attending a vocational technical high school. The survey will also ask about the vocational technical programs you might be interested in studying. This is an anonymous survey that consists of a series of multiple-choice or yes/no answers.
The survey will take approximately ten to fifteen minutes to complete. Your answers are very important to us as we work to prepare students for meaningful careers.

Please remember to select SUBMIT at the end of the survey when you are finished and before closing your browser. Thank you for your time.

Town or City you live in *
1. What are your typical grades? Mostly *
2. Choose one: On average I am absent from school *
3. Have you ever had a part time job after school or during the summer? *
4. I believe that what I do in school now is important to achieving future goals. *
5. I believe that what I do out of school (my hobbies and interests) are important to achieving my future goals. *
6. I have spent time setting goals for my future. *
7. After I complete 8th grade, I am planning on attending *
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