Chemistry Placement
This survey will help you determine placement into the proper chemistry course. The chemistry department recommends all students planning to enroll in chemistry courses during their Johns Hopkins career to take a chemistry course during their freshman year. If you took AP/IB chem this year and do not yet have your scores, you may fill out this form based on your expected scores. If your expected scores are different than your actual scores, please fill out this form again with your actual scores.
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Your JHED id is the first letter of your first name and the first few letters of your last name and a number. This is your username for all Hopkins Systems.
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What is your preferred contact email?
Additional chemistry course offerings may become available, and we will contact you via email if they may be of interest to you
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Are you considering pre-med? pre-vet? or pre-dental? *
The purpose of this question is to make sure that the proposed courses are compable with these options. This will be used only by the chemistry department to place you in the correct course. Please note that medical schools set their own course requirements, and we are only providing generalities.
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