Honey, I'd like to help!
Are you a fan of The Vegan Drag Queen? Do you have any skills you could volunteer to help Honey organize tours, plan shows, and raise money for charity?

You know -- whether I'm making new episodes of my cooking show or my podcast -- or on the road doing show after show, raising money for Animal Rights and LGBTQ organizations -- I do it all on my own.

You - the person reading this - could make a real and measurable difference for me and the work that I do by volunteering your skills and allowing me to delegate a specific task to you so that I'm stuck behind a computer less, and out on stage or creating new content more often!

If that excites you, and you'd like to be a part of the team that is The Vegan Drag Queen, please use this form below to make it known that you'd like to volunteer!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! Now what's next? Read on...
So you've submitted your info. Great! Much appreciated!

I have created a group chat on Facebook Messenger so that, when I need assistance with something specific, I can reach out and see who is available.

Usually when I need something, it'll be sort of on-the-spot. Rather than going through my list of helpers to see who is available, I find it easier if I can message all "Honey's Helpers" just to ask "Hey, is anyone available to assist me with something right now?"

To keep message notifications to a minimum (to make it easier on you!) please do not reply if you're not available.

Please only reply if you ARE available. I will then reach out to you individually through a direct message.

Likewise, I'd like to ONLY use the group chat to:
a) Ask if anyone is available, or
b) Briefly describe a task I need help with, asking if anyone is available to help with that

I imagine it will be much less of a burden for you as a helper if you don't need to get a whole bunch of notifications every time someone replies in the group -- so once again, please use the group chat only to reply in the affirmative if you are indeed available to help. If not, you can just disregard.

Does all of the above sound good? Sounds like something you're up for? You're still interested in assisting me? YOU ARE??? Awesome! Then in that case, please join the group chat below and click SUBMIT on this form!
Click here to join our group chat on Facebook Messenger:
Lastly, please check one of the boxes below, then hit SUBMIT!
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