2021 3rd/4th Grade Player Pitch Baseball-$50
Coaches determine practice schedule.
Games start around May 17th.
Weeknight games will start between 5pm-8pm. Schedule subject to change.
Children must register for their current grade level.
Registration is limited. Registration is accepted on a first come first serve basis.

T-ball games will be Mondays and/or Wednesdays in West Branch. Must be currently enrolled in Early Kindergarten or Kindergarten.
1st/2nd grade machine pitch games will be Tuesdays and/or Thursdays.
1st/2nd Sunday League baseball and softball will be Sunday afternoon in various communities.
3rd/4th grade baseball and softball will be Mondays and Wednesdays and 1 Saturday tournament in various communities.
5th/6th grade softball will be Tuesdays and Thursdays and 1 Saturday tournament in various communities.

Payment is required before registration is considered complete.

By completing this agreement, I the participant, parent, and/or guardian under-stand that participation in this activity may result in some type of injury and protective equipment does not prevent all injuries to participants. I hereby give permission for my child, ward, or myself to participate in the below registered program and/or activity and certify that my child (or myself) is physically fit to join in the activities. I hereby waive, release, and agree not to hold the City of West Branch Parks and Recreation Department, West Branch Community School District, sponsors, supervisors, and volunteers liable for any injuries that may occur because of participation in these activities. I also give my permission for any photos/videos, etc. of these participants taken during a program to be used for future departmental promotional materials.
Please take note and govern yourself accordingly.
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Please use this form if you would like to play 3rd/4th grade baseball. Games will be played in West Branch, Tipton, Mechanicsville, Anamosa, Solon, West Liberty, Clarence, and Wilton.
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Payment $50 for 3rd/4th grade player pitch baseball.
Before continuing please pay all required fees. https://www.govpaynow.com/gps/user/plc/a001l4
Payment confirmation is required. Please enter payment confirmation number or receipt number if payment was made in the West Branch City Office. *
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Volunteer coaches are needed. Please click here to volunteer. https://forms.gle/eo321htA9V95DM2j9
Thank you for volunteering!
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