Worbla Sponsored Builds
We're looking for cosplayers, crafters, builders, puppeteers - and anyone else - who plan to use Worbla for their next build! We'll help supply the Worbla, in exchange for photos and tutorials of your work!

PLEASE NOTE: This is an ongoing, rolling program. We are full for first quarter/third of 2021, but feel free to submit and we will contact those who might meet our needs come summer.
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Before you Start
Please ensure you have looked through our page on Worbla.com which includes the outline of expectations for this program, found here: https://www.worbla.com/?page_id=12726

Please read the questions carefully, and note the details. If your entry does not follow the instructions, it will be ignored.

This is an ongoing program and there is no cutoff date on submissions at this time.
Your email address *
Your name for correspondence *
Your pronouns *
Are you a minor? *
Province or State *
Your Social Media link(s)
Project Details
We are looking for all sorts of projects, from costumes to props to puppets and tabletop models.
What exactly do you want to make? *
Please be detailed. "Link's Armor" could mean a lot of things. "Link's Zora Armor from Breath of the Wild" means more to us. We don't know every character and design! Likewise if you are creating an original design, include a sketch for us in your portfolio.
Where would you use Worbla in this build? *
If you're listing a larger build where multiple materials might be applied, let us know where you're looking to use Worbla specifically. "I'm going to use foam for the chest and neck piece, and Worbla for the shoulders, bracers, and crown," for example.
B-Grade Sheets
B-Grade for us means sheets that have cosmetic issues. Worbla is injection molded and the extrusion process is cooled with water - when the water hits the plastic accidentally, it can create texture or very rarely 'blisters' on the surface. Some sheets might have extrusion lines,  which may be slightly raised.

All of these can be easily worked around. Textured areas or injection lines may need one extra coat of primer (often they smooth out just by heating/working them) and blistered areas should be turned into sculpted details instead.  

How many medium sheets (19in x 29in) do you think you will need? *
Will you need heat resistant gloves? In what size? *
What is your expected turnaround to submit your finished tutorial and photos? *
30 days? 60? 90? Give yourself a realistic time frame.
Do you already have a published TEXT and PHOTO tutorial?
Link it to us! Direct links only, don't ask us to search your website.
Do you already have a published VIDEO tutorial?
Link it to us! Direct links only, don't ask us to search your website.
Portfolio Submission
Using Dropbox or Google Drive, create a small portfolio of examples of current work. This should include:
3-4 photos of your best/favorite pieces

a tutorial you have made in either PDF or Google Doc format for text + images, MPEG4 for video (if you have not included one in the links above)

Reference of your project if it is an original design or something so obscure google won't find us an image of it.

MAKE SURE that you have permissions set for 'anyone with the link' to view, or give permissions to amanda@worbla.com
Your portfolio link *
Make sure this is a google or dropbox link and meets the criteria above
We will be choosing builds from these submissions and contacting you directly via email to go over details if you are chosen. 
If you are not chosen for this round, we will be keeping your information and may contact you next quarter to see if you would be interested in a build then.

PLEASE NOTE: We are now full for this quarter. Feel free to apply, but note that we will not be taking new projects until the summer of 2021! We will contact you if you are chosen to discuss your project, so don't feel that your project submission is set in stone.

If you have issues, email Amanda@worbla.com!
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