Spring 2019 Roster Verification Form
After reviewing the Spring 2019 SJSL rosters for the entire league, a very large number of errors were discovered.

To avoid Game Day Roster issues, we have asked ALL teams to complete this form verifying that they have looked at the problem list posted on the league website and that they have checked that all of the mistakes have been corrected on their roster.

Even if your team was not listed, you must submit this form.

All forms must be submitted no later than, Thursday, March 7th at 8:00pm.

There will be no waivers for missing information on the GDR for the Round 1 games.

I have checked my SJSL Spring 2019 roster in GotSoccer and I have verified that there are no errors. *
(Please check that all players have 7 digit US Club pass #s and that there are no other errors)
I have checked the actual US Club passes for my coaches and verified that their pass numbers are correct. *
(You have to check the actual pass and not just the US Club roster to see if the coach should have 6 or 7 numbers)
Your club name *
Your answer
Your team name (and year) *
Your answer
Your age group *
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