Bridge the Love Scholarship Application
Partial and Full Scholarship Application for Bridge The Love Coaching & Mentoring
I agree to answer all questions truthfully and to the best of my abilities. I understand this is part of the
application process and I may not be chosen to participate in coaching and mentoring. Denise Michelle
reserves the right to mentor those who are an ideal fit for Bridge The Love mentorship program.
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1. Are you an aspiring Influencer, Team Leader or Entrepreneur? *
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3. What about Denise Michelle resonates with you? Why would you like her to be your mentor? *
5. What is the main area of struggle or concern in your life (or business) right now? *
6. Describe your ideal life (or business). If you could resolve your main area of struggle and live a life you LOVE (or – enjoy a highly productive, profitable, and successful business), what would that look like? *
7. What do you feel you can contribute to the Bridge The Love Community, that will allow you to skyrocket your success, and support other members of the Bridge The Love community? *
8. How ready are you in moving past your fears into your next highest version of yourself and why? *
9. What self-improvement work (i.e. books, courses, coaching, etc.), if any, have you done previously and what has been your experience with it? *
10. Are you willing to do the work it takes to have your version of success and follow through with whatever commitments you make to yourself? *
11. Did you watch the Power of Vision webinar on YouTube? (If not, please do so as it is required prior to our Zoom Interview) *
12. Did you send Denise Michelle your essay? ESSAY: Why do you deserve this scholarship? Please share your goals and dreams as an Influencer,Team Leader or Entrepreneur. This must be typed essay style with a minimum of 2 pages double spaced with Arial font size 12. Please include your vision for the following areas: Health, Relationships, Career/Creativity and Time & Money Freedom. Please send email *
13. Did you submit 2 letters of recommendation, with name and contact information (teachers, friends at least 25 years old +, mentors are ok). References must be willing to be contacted. Please send email to *
14. Did you submit your non-refundable $165 application fee via PayPal ( or Venmo (@denisemichellelove) to be considered for Bridge The Love Coaching and Mentoring? *
15. Do you agree with the TERMS & CONDITIONS? Your application must meet the requirements for Bridge The Love, you will be notified and proceed to have a 60-90 minute Zoom interview with Denise Michelle. Full and Partial Scholarships up to $3600 will be eligible and determined upon completion of questions, Power of Vision webinar, letters of recommendation and interview, minus the required $165 non-refundable application fee for all applicants. You will be notified post interview if you have been selected for the program. *
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