Nazareth Confirmation Registration
Please complete the form below to register. Note: In submitting this information, the Confirmation student and the Confirmation parent(s) agree to the following Nazareth Behavior Covenant.

Nazareth Behavior Covenant

We look to provide a space that is safe physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, so students can know, live and grow in their faith.

Student Guidelines:
Following are the overall guidelines for those participation in confirmation ministry at this church:
Show Respect – for yourself, other students, adults and property.
Come Prepared – bring a pen, Bible , binder, and a good attitude.
Make Your Best Effort – participate in the activities you have chosen.

Student Consequences:
If you choose not to follow these guidelines, your teacher or a supervising adult will choose any of the consequences listed below to deal with a problem, as he or she deems necessary:
1. Give a verbal warning
2. Remove you from class/event
3. Make a phone call for your parents to come and get you
4. Arrange to have you work independently with your parents

Parent Responsibilities:
Know your student’s schedule. Please be prompt when dropping your student off and picking your student up. Please spend time discussing this covenant with your son/daughter as well as your expectations. Your involvement and support are crucial to enable your son or daughter to make the most of this experience.

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