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PCOS Advocacy Letter Template
Once you complete the form below, we will create a letter that looks like the following and deliver it to your U.S. Congressperson. A similar letter will be sent to your Senators asking them to join the bicameral Congressional PCOS Caucus. If your Representative or Senators have already signed on in support, a customized "Thank You" letter will be sent on your behalf instead of the letter below.

Start of Letter

[Representative’s Name and Address]


Re: Please Cosponsor PCOS Resolution H.Res.864 and Join the PCOS Caucus

Dear [Representative’s Name]:

I am writing to ask you to join the PCOS Caucus and to cosponsor H.Res.864, which recognizes the seriousness of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and expresses support for the designation of the month of September as “PCOS Awareness Month.” H.Res.864 is a resolution with strong bipartisan support which will raise critical awareness about PCOS, the most common endocrine (hormone) disorder in women. It will help tens of thousands of women and girls affected by PCOS in our district and the 5 to 10 million others affected by the disorder across the country. H.Res.864 also calls for increased research and encourages healthcare professionals to become more knowledgeable about the disorder and to help women and girls get the care they need.

Your support as a member of the PCOS Caucus and as a cosponsor of H.Res.864 is important to me because [YOUR EXPERIENCE, THE EXPERIENCE OF SOMEONE CLOSE TO YOU OR YOUR PATIENTS].

Please cosponsor H.Res.864 and join the PCOS Caucus to help improve care and to save the lives of women and girls affected by PCOS in our district and across the country. Thank you for your consideration, leadership and support!

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