Mandi's Muses Custom Order Form
Someone suggested this as an option and I thought it was pretty neat so I guess I'll set it up and if you're interested, I will make it happen! What it is- you place an order and tell me about yourself. I will create a custom, one of a kind jewelry item just for you, signed, sealed, and delivered. That's it! Please make sure to fill out as much as you can in the questions below, so I can create something I know you'll truly love. The more details I have, the better. To see some examples of current work, check out Note- items from this sale will be different from what is on the site, completely customized to you.

Bracelets/Anklets- $12.00
Necklaces- $18.00
Earrings- $10.00

US- $4.00
Everywhere Else- $7.00
Name- *
Shipping Address- (Include city/state/zip code, please! For international, include all parts I'll need to ship, thanks!) *
Paypal email for invoicing- *
Favorite types of jewelry- *
For bracelets or anklets, what is your wrist/ankle size in inches? For necklaces, what is your usual preferred length?
Favorite animals- (Include mythological as well as real, please!)
Special religious affiliation? (Christian, Catholic, Pagan, Celtic, etc.)
Any hobbies?
Favorite books, movies, TV shows-
Favorite colors-
Dog or cat lover/owner?
Any health issues or specific "healing" items you wish could be worked on? (Mental or physical, or even things such as protection during travel, creativity, luck, etc.)
Anything you really hate? (Colors, animals, books/movies, symbols/shapes, etc.)
Anything else you'd like me to know about you?
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