Please use this form to bid for the works for sale in Covenant. All of the proceeds from winning bids where the offer is above the starting price will go towards the artists' nominated charity. If the work only raises the starting price, a minimum of 20% will be donated to the artist's charity.

For example - a painting with a starting price of £1000 would donate a minimum of £200 for that artists' nominated charity, but if it sold for £2000 the nominated charity would receive £1200.

If there is a green dot on the work, that means it is part of the silent auction and listed below.

If there are two green dots on the work, that means that one or more bids have been received for the work, and the competition for the biggest donation to charity is on!

If there is only a red dot on the work, that means it is not part of the auction and not for sale.

Where artworks are multiples the top bids will win the works.

If there are two bids of the same amount for unique works the first bidder will win the work

The auction will close on midnight on 3rd December.

Successful bidders will be announced at our finissage, on the evening of Saturday 4th December.

Good luck!

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