BAHS Parking Lot Regulations and Contract
NOTE: Permits will not be given out until this form is filled out. Thank You.

All cars on school property must be registered in the Principal's Office and have a valid parking permit displayed in their vehicle. Each parking permit will cost $30 per semester or $50 for the year and will be prorated accordingly as new drivers seeking parking privileges throughout the year. A new permit is required for second semester. Replacements are available for $5. Part-time PSEO students pay $15 per semester and full time PSEO students are free.

The school in NOT responsible for vandalism, theft, or accidents that occur in the parking lot. Students should report vandalism, theft, accidents, or other problems to the Principal. Vehicles parked on school premises are subject to search by school officials and/or law enforcement officers when reasonable suspicion exists for such search.


1. Parking at Braham Area High School is s PRIVILEGE and not a RIGHT.
2. The lot speed limit is 10 m.p.h.
3. Permits will be sold during the first week of school with enforcement starting on Monday, September 18th,
     2023.  Contact the Principal if special arrangements are needed.
4. Any cars left in the parking lots overnight, during the winter, will be towed at the owner's expense if
    snowplowing is necessary.
5. Parking is a privilege, as the school district provides busing. The agreement will include:
                   A. Parking permits MUST be hung on rearview mirror while parked in our parking lots.
                                           NO PERMIT - NO PARKING IN LOT!
                   B. Permits are non-transferable. Any change in parking permit status must be cleared by the
                       Principal's office or the change will not be valid.
6. Accumulation of three (3) unpaid tickets for any reason in the school year will result in a conference with the
7. Accumulation of five (5) unpaid tickets will result in the loss of parking privileges and/or the vehicle being
    towed at the owner's expense.

                                           PARKING LOT DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS

Any parking violation such as but not limited to: parking in reserved parking, student parking in a lot other than designated student area, taking up two (2) parking spots etc. will be ticked without warning by the school resource officer or administration. All other violations will be handled through the District Discipline Policy. Handicapped parking and Fire lane violations will be handled through the Braham Police Department. Repeated violations may result in the revocation of student parking privileges or vehicle may be towed.

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