Career Convention April 19th Participation
On April 19th we will be holding the fifth SIS Career Convention. The venue this year will be in the Gym with the Secondary student body attending from 2pm to 4.30pm. Parents will also be invited to attend the event, and there will be an opportunity to present on specific careers in addition to the stalls for a number of related businesses.

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Are you able to offer one-week work placements for M5 students in June? ¿Pueden ofrecer prácticas de una semana para los estudiantes de M5 en junio?
Are you able to offer summer placements for D1/ 1st year 6th form students (16-17 year olds)? ¿Puede ofrecer prácticas de verano para estudiantes de sexto grado D1 / 1er año (16-17 años)?
Would you like to present a seminar? The plan is to host a number of seminars grouped by related fields, such as medical, financial etc. ¿Te gustaría presentar un seminario? El plan es albergar una serie de seminarios agrupados por campos relacionados, como médicos, financieros, etc.
Would you like to sponsor the event? If you reply Yes, we will be in touch to discuss sponsorship opportunities (please reply by Friday 23rd). ¿Te gustaría patrocinar el evento? Si responde Sí, nos comunicaremos con usted para analizar las oportunidades de patrocinio (responda antes del viernes 23) *
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