pro-iBiosphere Workshop Berlin 2: Questionnaire
Could you please indicate:
Who are your customers (list the sectors, the estimated sector size and give specific examples if possible)?
What product(s) or service(s) are you offering them?
Which of your customers needs do you think you are meeting?
Are you aware of any customer needs you are not meeting but potentially could provide?
If you provide an information based service or product, how and from where do your obtain your data?
What particular value do you add (to the data) for your customer?
What is the cost of acquiring the data
What activities does providing your service or product entail?
What resources does providing your service or product ental?
Can you list these activities and resources together in order of their cost?
Clear selection
Which categories present your project best (when required, you may add additional categories):
Data collection services
(e.g. field work, sensor networks, specimen digitisation, etc.)
Data storage
(storage and retrieval: e.g. Morphbank, Dryad)
Data analysis & aggregation services
Data quality services
Visualisation services
Publication services
Networking and community support services
Tool maintenance service
Other categories, which we don’t consider services
(e.g. research and building tools)
For each of the categories mentioned in section II, could you please give an assessment of the following properties:
Resilience to fluctuation in funding
Can these services be shared as in kind contributions?
Can these services be shared as in kind contributions?
From which funding sources to you presently fund your services?
What are your plans for sustainability?
What other issues do you consider important for a given service category?
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