SDW Apprenticeship Application
This program is for aspiring professionals who have significant interest in ShaGa and the Company’s mission to create socially conscious dance theatre and engagement programs with positive impact on the lives of others.

The 6 week period of study is divided into various sections that share a constant movement research, full of searching and discovery. The flexible schedule allows for students to continue their daily lives and offers a reasonable commitment of 3 - 8 hours a week.

The study will be done in an intimate group of no more than 4 apprentices, enabling personal dialogue and direction by ShaLeigh Comerford.
Are you at least 18 years old? *
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I understand that my application will not be processed until I provide a letter of recommendation to and submit a $25 application fee via Venmo @ShaLeighDanceWorks *
If accepted, I understand that tuition of $300 is due 2 weeks before the start date of the Apprenticeship which will be mutually determined. *
SCHOLARSHIP APPLICANTS ONLY: Full and Partial Scholarships are available. Applicants must include a Request for Scholarship essay stating financial need, why this opportunity is meaningful to you, and how you feel it will impact your career. Please also indicate if you are aiming for a company position and how you plan to integrate your experience after the apprenticeship period ends. (Please limit to 500 words or less)
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