Construction/Renovation Priorities
We are seeking your input for future construction and/or renovation projects at our school. The philosophy at Sayre Schools has been to strategically target areas of need that allow continuous improvement of facilities without increasing the tax burden for community members. To begin the process for our next project, we will prioritize the construction/renovation needs of our district. Please take a moment to help us prioritize needs by completing the attached survey. Thank you!
For each item listed below, please assign a value from the columns on the right. Use each value one time while ranking the items from 1st to 8th in order of highest priority to lowest priority. *
Cafeteria/P.E. building renovated into an updated, modern cafeteria/event space (with double the current space.) Kitchen remodeled.
Construction of a new Elem. P.E. building (Combines with cafeteria renovation)
Football stadium seating construction and/or renovation
Construction of a new MS/HS S.T.E.M. classroom building
Construction of a new Elem. Science lab/S.T.E.M. space (stand alone or as part of a new building structure.)
Ag farm building renovation or relocation with construction of a new barn.
On-campus daycare space for children of Faculty/Staff (possibly constructed as part of a new building)
Administration offices relocated as part of a new building project on campus.
List any other large scale construction project or renovation that you feel would enhance how we serve children now or in the future.
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