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If you want to sell more products, you need to be ranked on page 1 of the results - that's a hard fact, but a true one. That's where I come in. I partner with businesses and completely revamp their listing on Amazon to: Rank better / Generate more sales / Push outside traffic to your product / Get 5 star reviews
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The ideal price range on Amazon is $18 to $50. What is the price point for your product? *
Who would you say is your biggest competitor? Is this your biggest competitor on Amazon too? *
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If I go to Amazon right now and type in the primary keyword that people use to search for a product like yours, does your product pull up on page 1? *
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Lastly, I keep my business model clear and transparent - my clients are included in every step of the way. *
Most people are surprised to hear that I don’t take a fee for my services, it’s more incentive based. The better I make your store perform, the better it is for me. I do all of the legwork and at the end of each month, I get 25% of the net profit, while you keep the 75% for yourselves.I like to think of it as a no-lose situation for the clients (because you’re getting sales where you weren’t before working with me), and a win-win for both of us (because the more you sell, the better your store does). You can cancel our contract at any time, but nearly every one of my clients is incredibly happy.
And finally, if we decide to work together we will have constant communication, but if there's anything else you think I should know now...shoot! *
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