OKF FI Working Group Application
Do you have an idea or initiative on the area of open knowledge in Finland? Are you already working together as a group towards open society and culture? Are you seeking a fruitful platform and a vital community to collaborate with?

The applications are public and go through a peer review process on the association's google+ community http://bit.ly/15zTe6X.

What is the name of the suggested working group? *
Please write the whole name of the working group and possible acronym
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Description and objectives of the working group *
Please describe shortly the main activities of the group. What are the main objectives of the group in short and in long term?
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The history and past activities of the working group *
What is the background of the group? What past activities have been carried out by the group?
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Contact person for the working group *
If the contact person is a different person that the suggested leader of the group, please provide contact information for both (email and phone number)
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Does the working group have an international equivalent in Open Knowledge Foundation? *
Please have a look at OKF's working groups http://okfn.org/wg/
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Has the working group any similarities or synergy with other known themes of working groups?
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What support do you hope to get from Open Knowledge Finland ry.?
Describe shortly your needs and wishes for the association (e.g. communication channels, funding)
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Possible funding opportunities of the working group
Describe shortly possible funding instruments and partners
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Current members of the suggested working group *
Please list members of the applicant members names and contact information (email) and possible relevant networks and communities
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