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ARZA is launching the #ShareYourStory project to add the faces and voices of real people around the world to the fight for religious equality in Israel. Recent efforts by the Chief Rabbinate to define Judaism narrowly, to impose one form of religious observance on everyone are not acceptable to us. We advocate for an Israel that lives up to her highest ideals, that embraces pluralism, that serves as a State for ALL Jews. We invite you to join our efforts!

Fill out the form below to share with us the issue that you care most deeply about in the fight for religious equality in Israel. Check off that issue from the list, then let us know why it matters to you personally. Finally, attach a picture of yourself so that we can add your face and your voice to this effort and demonstrate that these issues aren't just political -- they're personal.

If you prefer to complete this process by phone, please email the ARZA Communications and Social Media Associate, Chelsea Feuchs at to arrange a call.

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