2021 HFM/LFM Secondary Product Form
A Secondary Farm Product (SFP) is defined as a product not grown by the applicant vendor. Applicants must submit this Secondary Farm Product Form with their application and each product must be approved by the Market Director before it can be sold at our market. We allow the limited sale of Secondary Farm Products provided the policies below are followed. Growers and foragers are the only vendor type that will be considered for Secondary Farm Product approval. Nursery vendors may not sell Secondary Farm Products. The sale of Secondary Products outside the below guidelines may be grounds for dismissal from the Hollywood or Lloyd Farmers Markets.
Secondary Product Rules
• The sale of SFPs are only allowed with prior approval from the Market Director
• Secondary Farm Products must be obtained directly from another local grower within the states of Oregon or Washington.
• No more than three SFPs may be sold per market day per vendor.
• Only one vendor may sell a specific variety provided by a specific SFP grower on any given market day.
• A second HFM vendor may sell the same variety by a different SFP grower on the same market day.
• No more that 25% of your products can be SFPs and they can take up no more than 25% of your display space.
• Each Secondary Farm Product must have a sign with required information: the product name, variety, location grown, and name of grower. All secondary products must be clearly labeled  so that any passerby can easily determine who grew each product.
• Wild foraged products such as mushrooms and wild berries may be purchased directly from the forager by the vendor and offered at the market. No living wild collected plants may be sold at the Hollywood Farmers Market.
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