CBB Shindig 2019 - Availability Poll
Sup nerds! January 2019 marks the 6th anniversary of CBB! As you may know, that means it's also Shindig time, the best (and arguably most important) annual event of the year.
As this event is very special, we want to ensure as many people can make it. Therefore this survey will be used to decide the date on which Shindig will be.

Please try to make the best guess you can. We'll be handing this info to the mission makers for balancing purposes, so the more accurate our estimate the better. You'll also be able to come back and update this form if your plans change - please do so! (Also send us a message in Discord if you would if that happens, so we know to draw up a new count.)

That's about it! Your names are required, but that's just so we can more easily keep track of changes/updates to the form. Again, this isn't a firm committal, we know it's still a more than a month away, just try your best to come back and update it if you know your plans are changing/developing.


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January 5th *
Historically this is the weekend we've run Shindig, so if you need to plan ahead with scheduling, we would probably recommend this one.
January 12th *
January 19th *
January 26th *
Shindigs sometimes try to explore unusual or alternative mission types. If presented with these and a role that was "different" for the duration of the mission, what sorts of things would you be interested in? *
Any other comments or useful info about the schedule and you.
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