Workshop: Intro to 2D Shaders in Unity
In game development rendering shaders is a technique that can vastly improve the visual capabilities of a game, the ability to write basic effects can often help solve tricky situations without complex solutions. Tomer's workshop will introduce beginner game programmers and technically oriented designers to rendering and shader programming. In the workshop we will learn how to write our own 2D shader from scratch, we will write shader code in Unity to draw images, produce color effects, and even animate objects.

Workshop Requirements:

- Unity 2017.4
- Basic code editor (MonoDevelop or Visual Studio)
- Internet connection

Time: Friday, 13th of April, 13:45 at the IT University, Auditorium 4
Maximum number of attendees: 60
Duration: 75 minutes

In order to sign up for this workshop you need to have your own ticket to the Nordic Game Jam or to the Nordic Game Jam Developer Conference.

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