2018 DCB 全台首創數位健康系列 生技跨界智慧領航AI for Drug Discovery ---國際打造頂尖AI生醫人才養成三部曲
AI 與生醫跨界整合趨勢已在全球新藥開發領域蔓延。生技中心於2017年與全球知名AI 藥物研發新創公司Insilico Medicine合作,為台灣首次運用AI技術進行候選藥物篩選及結構設計,促進台灣生醫研發團隊與國際AI團隊鏈結,運用雙方的研發能量與研究專長,進行前瞻性藥物開發合作。

藥物探索與臨床實驗的冗長過程一直是新藥開發的重大瓶頸,生技中心期待透過結合人工智慧縮短創新的時間、減少實驗失敗的風險,大幅提升新藥開發的成功率,不僅僅是為新藥開發公司帶來商機,也將為人類健康與福祉帶來巨大的利益。基於此,財團法人生物技術開發中心積極為台灣新藥開發領域培育大數據分析人才,特別邀請專精於各領域的業界先進針對Python 科學應用、ML與生技產業結合、AI 生物資訊分析與藥物開發應用提供一系列完整與深入的課程,透過實際個案剖析以及互動討論,提升學習成效與個案分析的能力。本課程將是國內企業掌握生技藥物開發之數據分析與應用之最佳學習機會。

Cross-disciplinary cooperation between the technology and the medicine has told a fortune that precision medicine and personalized health care service will come into reality. The process of drug discovery and clinical experiment is always lengthy and consumes the most time and resources. Artificial intelligence is now viewed as a remarkable tool to shorten the innovation process, reduce the risks of failing in clinical experiments and enormously increase the successful rate of new drug development. This will not only generate a surprisingly profitable outcome to the enterprises but benefit human health and welfare tremendously.

DCB hopes to stand in a position of providing practical training for bio-engineers who hope to develop their AI techniques. The series courses focus on three main topics: Python language, machine learning and deep learning application in Drug Discovery and Genomics. These courses will be conducted in a highly interactive fashion, which inspires Q&As, active participation in problem solving, instead of passive receiving. Participants are strongly encouraged to present their cases for group discussion in attempt to develop outside-the-box solutions. All the courses will be conducted in English.

■ 首部曲- Python Programming for Scientific Application (課程招生截止)
■ 二部曲- Machine Learning in Python for Bio-tech application
■ 三部曲- AI for Drug Discovery (須通過入學考試才能參加課程)

■ 假日英語班 (全英語授課,中文隨班助教)

■ 全台唯一深度且完整的AI人工智慧藥物開發高階人才培訓課程
■ 生醫人士與AI智慧領域雙向跨界的首選課程
■ 強調問題解決與分析預測,學習運用AI工具大幅提升研發效率與成功率
■ 全球前五強Insilico Medicine AI技術長指導傳授AI藥物開發實戰經驗

■ 具生物醫藥相關背景,希望進入AI新藥開發領域並了解應用趨勢者
■ 具理工相關背景,希望進入AI新藥開發領域者
■ 具軟體編輯相關背景,希望進入AI新藥開發領域者

※聯絡人:生技中心 南港生技育成中心 魯小姐(02)2655-8633分機8005

■ 主辦單位:財團法人生物技術開發中心 南港生技育成中心


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