Prepper Camp Reservation Request Form
Update April, 2021 - Tent City spaces and one group tent site (10+ or $90/night minimum) are currently available, Cabins and regular Tent and RV site requests are going to a waitlist.

Please complete this form if you would like to reserve a site and/or get on a waiting list for Prepper Camp! Completing this form does not guarantee our availability to fulfill your request or that you will get a site.

You may submit requests starting Monday after the current Prepper Camp for the upcoming Prepper Camp. Those who submit their form before December 1st must email our office proof they have purchased tickets for the upcoming Prepper Camp (normally released Thanksgiving weekend) to hold their position in line of when they summited their form. Guests who submit a request form before December 1st AND confirm via email proof of event ticket purchase, will be contacted in order of when their form was submitted and have the best opportunity to get a site for the event.

Guests who submit a request form after December 1st and/or confirm their ticket purchase with the office after December 1st will have access to availability on a first come first serve basis.

Beginning 2021 you must have equipment that needs sewer capabilities to be able to book an RV site for this event!

Tent City (primitive tent camping only) is $30/night and includes a maximum of 4 people per space. Tent City spaces are 20x20' - 20x40' in size providing enough space for you to set up a tent or two and park your vehicle. Tent City has three community access points for water and electric and shared access to picnic tables and fire rings. There are portable restrooms provided in Tent City and guests are also welcome to walk or drive to use any of the four bathhouse facilities in the campground. Guests with a Tent City reservation will be guaranteed a space but selection of the exact space is first come first serve upon arrival. Tent City is only available to guests Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night and you may not arrive before 10:00 am Thursday morning.
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