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Welcome to UC Santa Barbara's crowdfunding program, GauchoBoost! GauchBoost projects are designed to support innovative and unique student projects on campus that may not otherwise receive traditional funding from the University.

Before sending in an application, we ask that all interested parties make sure that their project is affiliated with an UC Santa Barbara department, program or center, in which donations can be received.

Projects that will be successful on the GauchoBoost platform will:
• Be compelling to donors and potential donors
• Highlight outstanding UCSB students, projects, programs, etc
• Represent campus priorities
• Be in good standing with UC Santa Barbara
• Show impact
• Have committed student, campus, and alumni volunteers
• Have realistic fundraising goals

If you have any questions, please contact David Silva at
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Thank you for applying!
We will reach out to you within two weeks with questions. In the meantime, feel free to check out our other exciting GauchoBoost projects at
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