Ausubo Funding Request
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Executive Summary: *
The executive summary should be about 2-3 pages in total to catch the investor's interest
Brief Company Description: *
Write a few simple and concise sentences to state the Companys's value proposition
Market Opportunity: *
Address the current problem in the market the Company is helping to solve. Also provide the go-to-market strategy.
Company Solution: *
Describe the specific offering, why it is better, and describe the target customer.
Technology: *
Describe the unique technical differentiators. Try to address the why now question.
Market Size: *
Develop a bottom’s up market analysis beyond the analyst’s broad sweeping forecast. Competition and Company’s competitive advantage: Provide details on direct competitors, related competitors and even future competitors. Then describe how the Company will be able to beat those competitors.
Team: *
Provide summary details for the key executives on the team. Highlight the specific skills for each person that relate to the Company’s opportunity.
Financial Model and Metrics: *
Please provide a financial summary and forecast with clear revenue drivers. Current investors and funding to date: List the current investors and the amount of money raised to date, if any.
Funding Needs: *
State the amount of the planned round and use of capital. Include milestones the Company plans to achieve with funds received.
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