Town of Black Mountain Stormwater Survey
This anonymous survey will be used to assist Town Staff in gauging public awareness about stormwater and environmental issues. The Town is concerned about the environment and will use this information to improve the Town's service to you and improve your experience as a citizen. Please fill in the circle and fill in the blanks to indicate your response.

Thank you for participating in this survey! We truly appreciate your time.

To find out more about why we are conducting this survey, call (828) 419-9300 or e-mail at

What subdivision/area of Town do you live in?
Your answer
How long have you lived in town?
Your answer
Based on your current knowledge, do you think the overall water quality of the streams, ponds, lakes, etc. in Town is:
The following is a list of possible sources of water pollution. Please tell us which one you think is the biggest source of water pollution in Town.
Where do you think stormwater goes when it enters the drain?
Do you recall seeing any literature, newspaper articles, on-line documents, etc. provided by the Town about stormwater issues or how the land next to a stream/drainage way should be maintained?
Do you recall receiving education directly from Town staff (by mail, in person or at an event) about stormwater issues or how the land next to a stream should be maintained?
Are you aware that the Town has a Stormwater Helpline that citizens can use to contact Town Staff to report stormwater pollution, erosion problems or ask questions?
Are you aware that the Town has a website dedicated to stormwater (
How often do you visit the Town's website?
Do you have a grass lawn or yard that you maintain? (If no, skip to #20)
When you mow the grass or rake leaves, what do you do with the grass clippings or leaves?
Do you have problems growing grass/establishing vegetation or bare spots in your yard?
Do you use native grasses and vegetation in your yard/landscape?
Do you apply fertilizer to your lawn (includes "organic" or "natural" products/materials)?
About how often would you say fertilizer is applied to your lawn?
Has anyone ever tested the soil on your lawn to determine how much fertilizer it needs?
Do you have a car, truck or other vehicle?
How do you get your vehicle washed?
If/when you wash your vehicle at home, where does the dirty wash-water flow?
Do you ever change your own oil?
When you change your own oil, how do you dispose of the old, used oil?
Do you have a dog?
Do you pick up your dog's waste (from sidewalks, street or yard)?
Do you have a drainage area on your property (either above ground flow or underground pipe)?
If you have a storm drainage pipe/structure in this area, who do you believe is responsible for maintaining it if there was a problem?
Do you know if you have floodplain, wetlands, streams or buffer areas near your house?
Do you ever experience flooding or standing water near your home?
When it does flood, does the water come from...
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