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Fill in the correct answer. The team ----- play baseball. *
What is 1285 rounded to the nearest hundred? *
Quakers such as William Penn practiced a religious belief called tolerance. Which of the following terms means the same as "tolerance"? *
Which decimal is the smallest amount? *
Read each sentence to see if it contains figurative language. Then select the best answer. We tramped through the mall parking lot like a gaggle of geese. *
Jane rents ice skates at noon. The charges are $5.00 for the first hour, and $.50 per every quarter-hour thereafter. Her rental charges are $6.50. What time does she return the skates? *
Which of the following is NOT one of the Great Lakes? *
A heptagon is a shape with how many sides? *
How many contractions are in the following sentence? "Pablo wasn’t happy because Annalise's dog wouldn't stop eating his homework." *
How many pairs of wings does a typical adult housefly have? *
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