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Do you want to be a Halper in festivals at desert ashram? You came to the right place!
All the information you need is here. Read the explanation and fill in the questionnaire and we'll get back to you. Be patient, it may take some time ...

Dear Helper - you better know:
This is the first stage of signing up as a helper. It does not mean that you're going to be a helper in this festival. We will return to you with a final answer maximum one week before the festival. If you signed up less than a week before the festival, your details will go directly to the waiting list and we will contact you only if there is a need. If you are a helper, there are a few things you need to know:
The helpers must arrive to Ashram before 12:00 on the first day of the festival and stay until 17:00 on the last day. If you can not arrive on time, let us know!!! even if we have not yet returned your reply. You can call 052-5999757 or write to us in the additional information box.
Code word Nirvana. The helpers work a 6-hour shift every day at the festival. In exchange, they receive a voucher each day with food, a chocolate ball and a chai, and of course the entrance to the festival for free.
Sleep in camping, bring your own equipment.
A big hug full of desert heat.
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Have you been in the Ashram before? *
Have you been a helper in the Ashram before? *
If you have been, which job did you do?
Helper in a World
food court
juice bar
chai shop
spare helper
Childrens world
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A little information about the different positions:
Welcome - to be the first person the guests meet. With a big smile you will tie the festival bracelet to their beautiful wrist.
Info - Answer questions like: Where Are the toilets? Where is the Breathing world? Can I exchange money for Voucher here? Where can I find the festival program?
Helper in the Worlds: Make sure that the workshops in a certain "world" start in the right time, that the area is clean and beautiful, to help the facilitators if necessary.
Children's worlds - like being a helper in the Worlds. It is also preferable to have had experiences with working with young children, to know how to play and interact with them between the workshops.
Cleaning - help us keep the ashram clean and beautiful. You don't clean toilets and showers.
Kitchen - help with cutting, preparing and serving cooked meals.
Food Court - Preparation and serving pizzas, salads, toasts etc ...
Juice Bar - Preparation and serving fruit smoothies.
Chai Shop- Serving hot drink and cakes.
Bar - Serving drinks.
Body painting- Face and body painting for children and adults. Previous experience recommended.
Spare helper. Requires a sense of responsibility. When ever there is a need for more helpers in a station we call you and you come running:) A spare helper is required to have his or her phone with them at all times and come when called upon.
gate keepers- To sit in the entrances and check braceletes. .
** Not all festivals have all the options.
where do you prefer to work? *
Childrens World helper
food court
juice bar
chai shop
Body painting
Spare helper
Helper in the Worlds
Gate keepers
any place would be nice
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2 option
3 option
Do you have a medical background from the paramedic level and above (valid certificate)?
Clear selection
There is anything else you want us to know?
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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