Puakea Juniors Team Program
Puakea Designs is launching a new 2020 Juniors Program to help perpetuate the sport of paddling and encourage our youth to get on the water!

Apply for your team to be selected as a Puakea Junior Team #PuakeaGromSquad!
If accepted into the program, your team will receive invitations to special Summer Camp Clinics, on-water and off-water tips made for your team written by Puakea Coaches and team riders, special discount codes for our online store and many more opportunities!

Applications are due Feb 25 and teams will be selected by Feb 29th. The #PuakeaGromSquad season will be March - November.

If your team is selected to be apart of this program, you will not be required to paddle a specific canoe or own a specific paddle. This program is about supporting the junior paddlers in the paddling community.

Any question? Please contact Kelly at Kelly@puakeadesigns.com
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