ONLINE FABLAB Summer Camp Registration 2020
THANK YOU for your support and for your interest in providing your children with opportunities. Email any questions and/or concerns to If you have already signed up for an in-person camp, I encourage you to go ahead and sign up for Online Camps as well. I do not know when or if in-person camps will be permitted.
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June 1-4 Code HS 9:30-12:00
June 1-4 Electronics (Arduino Coding) 9:30-12:00
June 1-4 Tinkercad (Digital Design) 12:30-3:00
June 1-4 Robotics 12:30-3:00
June 8-11 STEM Exploration (A Little Of Everything) 9:30-12:00
June 8-11 Robotics 12:30-3:00
June 8-11 Electronics (Arduino Coding) 12:30-3:00
June 15-18 Robotics Camp 9:30-12 a.m.(Moss Point)
June 15-18 Tinkercad (Digital Design) 9:30-12:00
June 15-18 Scratch Coding 12:30-3:00
June 22-25 Girls In STEM Camp 9:30-12 a.m. (Moss Point)
June 22-25 STEM Explorations 12:30-3:00 p.m.(Moss Point)
June 22-25 Robotics 12:30-3:00
June 29-July 2 Arduino Coding Camp 9-12 a.m. (Moss Point)
June 29-July 2 Arduino Coding Camp 12:30-3:30 p.m. (Moss Point)
July 7-10 Scratch Coding Camp 9-12 a.m. (Moss Point)
July 7-10 Electronics (Arduino Coding) 12:30-3:00
July 7-10 Robotics Camp 12:30-3:30 p.m.(Moss Point)
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