Motorcycle Parade Registration 2021 - Steampunk
Feb. 22nd - 1:45pm ~ Please read ALL rules before submitting the form!
Motorcycle Parade 2021 Rules
Parade line up starts for the Motorcycle Parade @ 12:00 pm / All motorcycles must be paid & in line no later than 1:15pm – NO EXCEPTIONS! *
Disclaimer: The Grand Parade is for 18+ years of age. Children ages 0-17 will qualify for the Children's Parade. *
Group/Organization Name *
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Entry Fee: $5.00 (per entry) __________x $5.00 = _________. Please enter your total below. *
Beads may be purchased at the cost of $15.00/gross or $50.00/case (5 gross). (If purchasing multiple cases, all beads must be purchased by January 7, 2021 / Limited Supply. Use the other button to order multiples.) *
Total Amount Owed: (Will be billed at email address above. Instructions will be included.)
The Motorcycle Parade is kicking off our Grand Parade and all ENTRIES are to be decorated with the current theme: “Steampunk” or Mardi Gras decorations. This adds to the Mardi Gras atmosphere and helps get the crowd into the Mardi Gras spirit. Grand Parade line up starts at 10am on Sat. March 2,2019. The motorcycle parade will get rolling by 1:45pm. Please start lining up no later than 12 pm and make sure all entries have been turned into the official by the parade deadline. If you have a large group, please complete this entry forms with payment in advance. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to seeing you on Saturday. *
Motorcycles are to line up on the other side of the Rail Road Tracks on Austin Street. Enter on Austin Street, cross the tracks and line up on the street between the wood yard and the old water plant. We are asking you to leave one side of the street open for through traffic. Remember, NO PARKING on Austin Street (which will be closed to all traffic except for emergency vehicles) or in the middle of streets or alley entrances. Our streets and alleyways must remain clear for EMERGENCY VEHICLES. The Krewe of Hebe Mardi Gras Upriver is not responsible for the safety of parked motorcycles. *
By clicking the box below you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to follow the Krewe of Hebe Parade rules. *
Motorcycle Parade Chairman is Robin Johnson . Please contact her for any questions! CLICKING SUBMIT MEANS THAT YOU HAVE READ AND AGREE TO ALL OF THE RULES! We will be enforcing ALL of them this year for safety purposes per the Board of the Krewe of Hebe!
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