Darkness World Request Form
This short form and quiz is a necessary step for gaining access to our Darkness world.
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Darkness Quiz
Please answer the following true or false questions to demonstrate what you know about living in Darkness. If you don't know the answer, read the information on www.blocklandia.com/darkness again.
Players are allowed to grief in Darkness *
10 points
Mobs are allowed to grief in Darkness *
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It's okay to use TNT and fire in Darkness *
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It's okay to lead a creeper to someone's build in order to blow it up *
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If my house or farm blows up a staff member will roll it back / replace it for me *
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I can lose access to Darkness at any time if the staff thinks I am not ready to be there *
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After reading about Darkness and taking this quiz, I still want access to the Darkness world. *
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By clicking "Submit" you acknowledge that you have read and understood the Rules and Terms of Service for Blocklandia and that you agree to be bound by its provisions. Additionally you understand that access to Darkness is bound by additional rules and that you may lose access to Darkness at any time.
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