Worship Team Application - Band
Thank you for your interest in the Worship Team at Parkview Church! As we expand our team, our primary goal is to introduce team members who see themselves as worship leaders who are gifted, called, and qualified for the task of guiding people into the Lord’s presence during our weekend services. Please take a moment to complete this online form that will serve as your entry point in the process of becoming a worship team member at Parkview.
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Describe your salvation experience/when you became a Christ follower *
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What is your philosophy of worship as it pertains to the Christian? *
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Please describe your church involvement prior to attending Parkview. *
Example: attended another church, served at another church, Parkview if my first church, etc.
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How long have you attended Parkview (minimum three months attendance required)? *
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Do you regularly attend church services? If you are married, does your spouse/children regularly attend as well? *
Example: every week, 1-2 times per month, etc.
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Have you attended Get Connected (prerequisite)? *
Are you a member of Parkview Church (must be a current member or in process of becoming a member)? *
Please describe your musical experience including church involvement, current activity, formal training, years of experience, familiarity playing with church worship music, etc. Also, do you feel qualified to play in the musical worship style that Parkview currently uses? *
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Do you memorize music? If not, how much do you rely on chord charts when playing? *
Have you played with a click track? *
Our band frequently uses click tracks.
If you have played with a click track, are you comfortable playing along and keeping in time with it? Please explain. *
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Are you willing to use in-ear monitors/headphones for personal listening on stage? *
Our band uses Aviom personal mixers instead of floor wedge monitors.
The band has a weeknight rehearsal and plays for all of our weekend auditorium services. Would you be able to fulfill this time commitment? *
Rehearsals are Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm. Arrival time on Saturdays is at 4:00pm and Sundays at 8:45am.
How often would you be able to play? *
Example: every-other-week, once a month, every third week, etc.
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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