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This application form is for our whitelisted server. Please try and fill in the required fields to the best of your ability. Please make sure you have read all rules and understand them to the best of your ability.
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What is your Steam Hexcode?(This is not your SteamID) You can find your Steam Hexcode by pasting your profile link into www.vacbanned.com. The website will then show your Hexcode like this [Example: 111111111111111 (Hex) .]
What is your current characters story arc?
Have you read the rules and understood them?
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Please explain what you would do if someone came up to your in character and asked you to step into their vehicle or you would be assassinated
Name the rule: You are allowed to remember if you are revived
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How do you respond to medical once you are downed?
What do you do if you call for a medic and it's been 5 minutes?
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Please explain what metagaming is to you.
Please explain what powergaming is to you
Are you allowed to use macro keys?
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How would you do a robbery?
Do you stream or create content? If so, please let us know where so we can add you to the streamers category in our discord!
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