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Event Sign Up
Let us know which events you are interested in attending! Due to seating capacity, please sign up early. We'll confirm event details a few days before each event.
Resume/Interview Prep & Internships *
Join us for an overview of Google's hiring process. Get tips for your resume. Learn how we conduct interviews and get practical advice for preparing. We'll also cover roles for which we hire and opportunities for internships in summer 2017.
Taking (Academic) Skills to Industry *
Join us for a talk about skills development during your studies. Get tips on how to prepare for a career in tech. We'll do a quick case study of how academic knowledge is used in practice. And get a glimpse into one of the most active areas of research in Silicon Valley!
Code Retreat *
Want to hone your problem solving and coding skills? Not sure how a technical interview will unfold? Join some Googlers who'll lead a practice session. Taking a sample tech interview problem, we'll analyze the problem from different angles, discuss solutions and challenge ourselves with time-boxed coding. Bring your laptop, or pen & paper, as you'll write small snippets of code.
Special accommodations for event
Google is a disability inclusive employer. Please let us know if you require any special accommodations to attend.
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